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The man's life keeps on rolling. He enters the family life and remains stuck to it. The growing tree in the forest stands huge in appearence. It gives shelter to the trespassers. The shoots come up and spread in all directions into mighty branches. It enchants the trespassers eye's.

In the same way, the man's life also spreads in the form of family hierarchy. A man develops affection with woman and makes a relationship to enter the family life. He continues the generation in the form of progeny, who represent the branches of a tree (family tree). In the tree, some birds make wonderful sounds to the merriment of passersby. In the family life, people gets enchanted in listening to the children words. The children speak childishly, which brings joy to the hearts of parents.

The family burden keeps on adding on his shouldes. He suffes from the burden of family pressure and remains tormented and taciturn, within his heart. The age keeps on moving. He develops a sense of fear about the future. He wish to amass wealth. He keeps on thinking about minting money, so that he can save the family members from the endangered life of poverty and misery.

For the welfare of family members, he sacrifices his own comforts and pleasures and keeps on working tirelessly. To safeguard his life, he interacts with public in all possible ways. The people remain crooked and evil, deep within their heart. In the forest, one can see harmful animals like herons and vultures. In the forest of life, one makes friendship with sinners. The evil doers resemble the herons and vultures in real sense. They are develish.

But then to run the family show, he makes social relationship with these crooked people. He remains affected by the fear of losing soical respect. To maintain the social status, he sacrifices many things and keeps on moving endlessly, in search of a destiny,which remains endles in any sense.

In the social life, the sinners resembling the herons and vultures in their deep heart, time and again cheat the people and swindle the belongings of deprived. At times people are being preyed by these sinners. It resembles just like the wolves carying away a strayed sheep, in the forest.
Betrayed by them, they seek to join the flock of swans (soft people), but not finding their behavior to their liking, they approach monkeys (People who enjoy life in undue means). They get stuck to the life of monkeys. They remain stuck to the cravings of mind and they forget the approaching death.

Seeking delights in trees and found of sons and wife, they are impatient with the animal desire for sexual indulgence and powerless to get rid of their bondage. In the pursuit of undue means of unwanted joy, he gets affected by diseases, which remains like a huge cave. The diseases horifies them. The diseases resemble like an elephant (representing the death). He develops the sense of fear about the sins committed by him, in the earlier stages of his life.

The fear hidden in the mind remains unconquerable. We need to find the ways and means to solve this problem. But, by our own will and determination we cannot change the destiny. We need to surrender our life on to the lotus feet of BHAGAVAN through the blessings of SATHGURU in the proper way of KRISHNA BHAKTHI by continously chanting the RADHEKRISHNA NAMAM.

We are fortuned to have our SATHGURU - POOJYA SHREE SHREE AMMA, in our presence. Let the blessings of our SATHGURU remove the fear of life from our mind.

Let the glory of SATHGURU and SATHSANGAM be spread always.

Let the nectar of KRISHNA BHAKTHI as given by our SATHGURU - POOJYA SHREE SHREE AMMA in the form of RADHEKRISHNA NAMAM flow through each nerve and vein of every JEEVATHMA (eagering soul looking for salvation) in the earth.

Let us unanimously procalim the glory of RADHEKRISHNA NAMAM though the power of continous chanting.

Le the entire world be blissful.




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One should fear the desires and not the sins originating out of the actions evolving due to desires. But, submitting the desires to lotus feet of God and asking God, "marra yen kamangal marruvai"(Sorry, it looks pathetic to see tamil written in english letters :)) will tune the desires too. Desires are the root cause of existence, it has to be tuned in right direction. The desires are directly proportional to tamasic, rajasic and satvic qualities in an individual.
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